Hajdúszoboszló in our days!

Hajdúszoboszló has a moderately warm and dry climate and it's one of Hungary's sunniest region.

In the centre of Hajdúszoboszló, on the opposite side of the thermal bath, in a idyllic flowery environment, stands the bust of Pávai Vajna Ferenc, the man who found the medicinal water.

The bell house inaugurated in the millenium year, which is the spectacular architectural creation of the architect Zoltán Rácz, is a special attraction of the park in front of the spa.

On the Kálvin square stands a reformed church that was built in the XV. Century on bases, which's fortress is perhaps the most important monument of the city. The church's curiosity consist's in the murals representing the city's history and evolution of the spa. Even II. John Paul has been in this church, at the time when he was archbishop of Krakow.

In the Bocskai museum we may view folk art creations. The surrounding offers enough places to visit for our guests. Other museums located is Hajdúszoboszló: Pottery House Museum Gallery, International Museum of Modern Art, Folk Art exhibition.

Hortobágy, the landscape protection area is not far from Hajdúszoboszló. At 22 km distance lays Debrecen.

Growth symbol, I. World War monument, memorial, II. World War monument, Pávai Vajna Ferenc sculpture, Gönczy Pál memorial room, Flying fish, a triple sculpture, a woman with Towels, Bocskai sculpture, sources, and also "a well of love" are the monuments and statues which can be found in Hajdúszoboszló.

Hajdúszoboszló's spa accessibility is easy even by train, since the town is situated along the Budapest-Debrecen-Nyíregyháza-Záhony main line.

Hajdúszoboszló can be accesed easily, just turn off the 4. Road and you can get directly in the town.

Hundredthousand of tourists and people who need recovery arrive to Hungary's largest bath, the Hajdúszoboszló spa. The bath complex lying on the 30 hectares is everyones paradise, as for the bather's, as for the ones who suffer of rheumatism. Who had been here already will return year after year. In the year 1999 the thermal bath's building was completely redesigned into a modern two-storied building. The bases of the bath cure is provided by the three indoor pools, which are 38, 36 and 32 °C warm. The spa offers the possibility of jet, dry and a steam sauna.

The beach tourism is spreading in the high season of the summer. The beach lays on 30 hectare park and has 13 pools including wave, bubbly, child and experience pool. The speciality of the bath is the so-called Mediterranean seacoast which counts as Central Europe's largest built pool with 6200 m2 water surface.The gradually deepening, wavering giant pool is separated from the boating lake with a dam. The pirate ship, lighthouse and slideparadise makes the water park even more exciting. The Hajduszoboszlo Spa offers a unique experience for visitors to relax and entertain.